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We place great importance on long standing relationships with our partners. In close collaboration with the FMCG industry eShouts is creating not only innovative mobile software and modules, but also complete mobile marketing tools.
CEO and co-founder

Klaus Scheible is the CEO and co-founder of eShouts and is responsible for overall strategic direction, marketing, sales and business development.

Klaus is an entrepreneur and expert in purchasing, sales and marketing. His company ErfolgsCampus GmbH is in close contact to numerous companies in the consumer industry mainly in Germany and also Europe with consulting and training business. Prior to his consulting business and foundings, Klaus was the CEO at Coop/Kiel for purchasing, sales and logistics and CEO and general manager at Müller Ltd. & Co. KG, Ulm
Klaus studied economics with diploma.

CTO and co-founder

Mario Kowalczyk is the CTO and co-founder of eShouts and is responsible for eShouts’s software-based mobile cashback couponing platform, its leading target check-out technology and technical sales.

Prior to eShouts, Mario was a management consultant and project leader for several companies. His vision is to develop and invent new technologies to generate easy to use products how everyone can benefit from the accelerating digitalisation.

Mario studied mechanical and aerospace engineering and business administration at the University of Munich and holds an MSc from the University of Munich.

Head of Operations

Christina serves as eShouts’s head of operations and she is responsible for eShouts’s backend infrastructure, customizing, branding, general operations and legal.

She brings more than 11 years of experience in the generation of products out of ideas and business developments mainly in the software business. She worked for more than 11 years at Carl Zeiss AG, a global market leader in optics and was involved in national and international software projects. Until last, Christina was quality engineer at Diehl Aerospace.

Christina studied optoelectronics and holds an MSc as engineer.